Parents seeking admission for their wards should get their ward's name registered with the office. No child will be considered for admission unless he or she is registered and a non refundable, non transferable fee of Rs. 300 is required to be paid for this purpose.

A date of birth certificate from the municipality or a school leaving certificate is essential for admission. The admission from along with prospectus is available in the office.


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The registered child will be put to admission test following by an interview along with the parents on the date announced by the school. The minimum age for admission to Playgroup is 3+ years and Nursery is 4+ years as on 31st January of the year of admission. Admission is granted by the Principal on the basis of Admission Test.


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Fee is required to be paid for all the 12 months. Fee and all other charges will be as per the fee chart. Term charges are payable at the beginning of each term and all annual charges at the beginning of the 1st term or at the time of admission.


Three months advance notice in writing OR payment of three months tuition fees is required for the withdrawal of the student. Fees for the full term must be paid if a student is withdrawn during the session. The security deposit will be refunded when the student is withdrawn but will be forfeited if not claimed within a year.


No Student will be allowed to appear for any examination unless all fees and dues are paid. All fees are required to be paid in advance by 10th of every month failing which a late-fee fine will be charged upto 15th of the month. In case the school dues are not paid by the 15th of the month the name of the student will be struck off the rolls and he or she may be required to seek readmission after payment of all the outstanding dues and the readmission fee.


Leave for absence from school, except in case of sudden illness/accident or an urgent neccesity, must be applied for by the parents or guardians. If a pupil is absent from school for 3 days consecutively his or her name will be struck off from the school register and readmission fee will be charged.

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